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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Bratty Bunch

2010 has been graced with some great football, skill, poise and unbelievable tekkers. However it has been the start of what could potentially be the greatest form of player power in the Premier League to date, Step forward the bratty bunch namely Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney so far.

What has happened so far this season to see these players think they are bigger than the club? Wayne Rooney in acrimonious style came out in the worlds media digressed that he was unhappy at the club and he felt that they could not match his ambition and in the process belittling his team mates, his reward a new contact and prize of being the Premier Leagues best paid player? And to think he disgraced his manager the club and most importantly the fans who shell out the money to keep the club going. It seems that the players are acting like the screaming brat that gets what he wants from the parents just to shut up for 5 minutes.

And then there is Tevez who again launched a tirade against his club, claiming he was not happy and that his future lies outside the club. At this point Mancini tried to stand firm and pointed out that Tevez would rot in the reserves and be stripped of the captaincy. Roll on a couple of days and Tevez retracts his request and keeps his captaincy for the game against Everton.

The game against Everton showed the pressure that this outburst by their inspirational leader, the team lacked cohesion and were shell shocked especially in the first half of the game. Devoid of ideas could it be a telling tale of what could be expected the rest of the season especially with a team of so many big players who each think they are better than the other?

A few years ago the club would have quashed these childish antics, and the player either put in their place or sold off no matter how good the player.

Could it be that the big name players have looked around at the current quality of players in the Premier League, which at present lacks a large number of house hold names that will keep the Premiership commercial enterprise the success it is today, for years to come and thought the club needs me the Premier League needs me so I will shout and get what I want?

Again this could be the reason why the clubs don’t seem to be so ruthless in dealing with the star players, a drop in Premier League Revenue would have a significant implication on the clubs and their commercial interests.

I just hope that this form of player power does not grow to become a pressing concern and that the clubs keep ensure they stay bigger than the player.


  1. acrimonious, thats a big word!

  2. Pampered and over paid.

    Both Tevez n Wayne well be off in the summer.

    You got to admire the commitment and humbleness displayed at clubs like Spurs and players such as Modric, Bale, and Van der Vaart.

  3. Get real Spurs fan - you talk about the commitment of Van Der Vaart - Are you suggesting you new signing didn't sign with "the eternal Bridesmaids" for the money. You got to feel sorry for the MANC'S (Red or Blue) when they cash in their Giro's or sell off their hard earned stolen goods to put in the pockets of the two overpaid little brats. The rest of the sensible footballing world are very thankful to Wayne putting a club who have over borrowed (typical yankee business model) diving headlong onto financial crisis faster and faster into bankruptcy -