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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Boy Man Brand Sir! The Rise of David Beckham

2nd April 1995 a date marked in Manchester United and football fans around the world's memories, for this is the date one David Beckham made his Premier League debut for Manchester United in a nil nil affair against Leeds United. This day was the start of a public love affair with David Beckham which as with all relationships has certainly endured its difficult moments.

Roll on 15years and David Beckham has won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year life time achievement award aged just 35 a remarkable achievement by any ones standard.

Why has he made such a success and become the idol of kids and fans world wide? Well I believe a lot of it has to do with his manner off the pitch which seems to be a million miles from the modern day prima-donna attitude, more of the old school types held in high regards with the likes of Stanley Matthews, Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton. He captivates his audience with his mannerisms and genuine down to earth persona and on the field he showed the desire and commitment that every fan wants from their players.

But lets not forget some of the bad times after the World Cup in 1998 Beckham became public enemy number 1 following his red card for a kick out on Argentinian Midfielder Diego Simeone, to recover from such a massive public fall out showed strength and compassion of the highest order, then there was the supposed affair with Rebecca Loos which knocked him down but yet again like a pedigree boxing champion Beckham picked himself up from the canvas and became the global commercial phenomenon he is today.

Famed for his amazing ability to pick the perfect pass from any range and his unique technique at taking set pieces, as well as his imperious good looks Beckham has become a marketers dream, David Beckham truly is a family Man, a football player and a brand. Where ever Becham goes whether it is the Far East, Italy, USA or Spain people flock to see him as if he is the mercurial son of a footballing god.

Off the field Beckham has devoted so much time to charities such as UNICEF and also opened up football academies across the world to ensure children can have the chance that every young player should have and that is to play football on pristine pitches with class coaches.

His ability to inspire those around him has lead to new roles with in football, a mentoring role was created for him to support the England team at the much ill-fated World Cup 2010 and he is seen as the most important link between FIFA and the FA a relationship which is rocky at best, being a key component of England's World Cup bid, which although not a success it was clear for all to see that he is looked upon keenly by FIFA delegates.

So what next for David Beckham? Well the possibilities are endless he still harbours England aspirations now he has recovered from his Achilles injury, but I see Beckham as a future England Manager and further down the line as the head of the English FA, and a knighthood will not be far away for this man. One thing is for certain this man will continue to inspire for many years to come

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